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Anatomy and phisiology of facial nerve.ppt12,410 KBrain stem.ppt11,659 KLocal anesthesia 3.mpg1,004 KPrenatal brain development.flv14,772 K
Anatomy and physiology of parasympathetic nervous system.ppt14,627 KCerebral Hemispheres ‫‬.ppt13,182 Klumbar puncture.flv14,248 KSkin preparation1.mpg550 K
Anatomy and physiology of sympathetic nervous system.ppt5,843 KCourse Discription Neuroanatomy practical.docx17 KMCQ to basal ganglia and cerebellum.ppt444 KSpinal needle insertion 4.mpg4,560 K
Anatomy _ physiology of the IX, X, XI and XII cranial nerves.ppt14,078 KCourse Discription of Neuroanatomy Theory.docx20 KMeninges and ventricles of the brain. CSF circulation.ppt16,613 KSpinal needle removal 6.mpg2,066 K
Anatomy _ physiology of trigeminal nerve.ppt30,732 KDrape application 2.mpg1,620 KOpening pressure measurement 5.mpg1,116 KThe ocular cranial nerves.ppt8,689 K
Blood supply of the brain and dural venous sinuses.ppt23,788 KIntroduction and spinal cord.ppt9,195 K