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Ch 10 - Nonmetallic Elements.ppt5,542 Kchapter-9- The Alkaline Earth Metals.ppt1,768 KChapter_3 - Acid-Bas Equilibria.pptx2,957 KChapter_5 -Gibbs Free Energy, Free Energy and Chemical Equilibrium..pptx2,644 K
Ch 11 -Transition Metales.ppt3,165 KChapter_2 _ Thermochemistry - Chemical Equlibrium.pptx2,942 KChapter_4 -Acid-Bas Equilibria -Solubility Equilibria (1).pptx6,373 KChapter_6_Intermolecular_Forces and Crystal Structure.ppt6,641 K
Ch 12- Transition Metales and coordination compound.ppt3,287 KChapter_3 - Acid-Bas Equilibria (1).pptx2,957 KChapter_4 -Acid-Bas Equilibria -Solubility Equilibria.pptx6,373 Kchapter_7- Physical Properties of Solutions.pptx4,026 K
chapter-8- alklimetal.ppt5,748 K