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Clinical biochemistry (0) introduction.pptx861 KClinical biochemistry (13) Anterior pituitary hormones.pptx1,652 KClinical biochemistry (17) Tumor markers.pptx2,411 KClinical biochemistry (5) Liver.pptx2,841 K
Clinical biochemistry (1) water balance.pptx1,723 KClinical biochemistry (14) Male and female sex hormones.pptx801 KClinical biochemistry (2) kidney.pptx1,927 KClinical biochemistry (7) Proteins in body fluids.pptx8,018 K
Clinical biochemistry (10) Clinical usage of enzymes.pptx577 KClinical biochemistry (15) Adrenal cortex hormones.pptx2,854 KClinical biochemistry (3) creatinine, urea and.pptx2,517 KClinical biochemistry (8) Lipid metabolism.pptx2,107 K
Clinical biochemistry (11) Endocrinology.pptx1,965 KClinical biochemistry (16) Adrenal medulla.pptx1,741 KClinical biochemistry (4) Carbohydrate.pptx966 KClinical biochemistry (9) Enzymes and isoenzymes.pptx3,581 K
Clinical biochemistry (12)Thyroid hormones.pptx308 K