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Assimilation Rule (Connected Speech).ppsx194 Kbusiness trends.docx92 KListening and Speaking midterm test.docx19 Kspeech topics.docx14 K
BK 3 Unit 1 to 4 Uses of Need.ppt348 KEnglish Stress Shift quiz 1.docx25 Kmaking recommendations and suggestions.docx14 KStress practice.docx23 K
BK 3 Unit 21 to 24 Reporting Verbs.ppt339 Kjob interview.docx14 Koral presentations rubric.docx14 KThe course material link.docx12 K
BK 3 Unit 25 to 28 Word Order of Adjectives.ppt1,168 Klessons 9-12 convrsation examples.ppsx45 Kquiz 2 Listening and speaking 2.docx14 KUnit 6.docx13 K
BK 3 Unit 5 to 8 Noun Clauses.ppt488 KLinking Consonant to Vowel.ppsx61 Kquiz 3 listening and speaking.docx14 Kworksheet 1 NOUN CLAUSES.docx32 K
BK 3 Unit 9 to 12 Relative Clauses.ppt684 KLinking Vowel to Vowel.ppsx2,166 K