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activity list and attributes.doc24 Khistogram.xls14 Kpareto chart.xls17 Krequirements management plan.doc26 K
activity resource requirements.doc24 Kissue log.xls14 Kpayback period chart.xls16 Krequirements matrix.doc29 K
business case financials.xls23 KITPM_01.ppt3,992 Kperformance report.doc24 Kresource histogram.xls17 K
business case.doc29 KITPM_02 (1).ppt5,907 KPMBOK 5.pdf2,897 Krisk management plan.doc24 K
cause and effect diagram.ppt24 KITPM_02.ppt5,907 KPMBOK 5th Arabic.pdf22,025 Krisk register.xls14 K
change request.doc28 KITPM_03.ppt6,132 Kpotential project.doc27 Krun chart.xls16 K
communication management plan.doc33 KITPM_04.ppt12,452 Kprobability impact matrix.ppt22 Kscatter diagram.xls14 K
contract closure notice.doc23 KITPM_05.ppt7,969 Kprocurement management plan.doc23 Kscope management plan.doc25 K
contract statement of work.doc25 KITPM_06.ppt11,067 Kprogress report 1 presentation.pptx77 Kscope statement.doc30 K
contract.doc26 KITPM_07.ppt6,257 Kprogress report 2 presentation.pptx82 Kstaffing management plan.doc29 K
cost baseline.xls18 KITPM_08.ppt6,664 Kproject charter.doc36 Kstakeholder register.doc29 K
cost estimate.xls18 KITPM_09.ppt5,130 Kproject management plan.doc25 Kstakeholder strategy.doc29 K
Course Description.ppt1,966 KITPM_10.ppt6,028 KProject Management__Homework 1.doc110 Ksupplier evaluation matrix.xls15 K
Course Description_Project Management2.pdf257 KITPM_11.ppt7,482 Kproject organizational chart.ppt25 Kteam contract.doc30 K
customer acceptance-project completion form.doc29 KITPM_12.ppt4,734 Kproject schedule.mpp243 Kteam performance assessment.doc27 K
deliverable acceptance form.doc28 KITPM_13.ppt5,369 Kqualified sellers list.doc26 Kteam roster.doc31 K
earned value chart.xls24 Kkick-off meeting agenda.doc27 Kquality checklist.doc25 Ktransition plan.doc25 K
Excel_draft_schedule.xls33 Klessons-learned report.doc27 Kquality management plan.doc23 Kwbs dictionary entry.doc24 K
final project presentation.pptx62 Kmake-or-buy analysis.doc23 Kquality metrics.doc23 KWBS Mistakes.ppt2,770 K
final project report table of contents.doc27 Kmilestone list.doc24 KRACI chart.xls13 Kwbs.doc26 K
flow chart.ppt16 Kmilestone report.doc32 Krequest for proposal.doc24 Kweighted scoring model.xls24 K