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Advanced Database - Book.docx609 KLesson03 DML Insert, Update, Delete.pptx389 KLesson09 Implementing Functions.pptx96 KLesson15 Data_Warehousing.pptx226 K
Advanced Database - Course Syllabus.docx643 KLesson04 Advanced SQL - DDL.pptx837 KLesson10 Implementing Triggers.pptx117 KLesson16 Distributed Database.ppt1,447 K
Group Assignment - advanced database.docx14 KLesson05 Constraints.pptx106 KLesson11 Database Administration.pptx105 KNorthwind.sql2,555 K
HW01.docx308 KLesson06 Implementing Views.pptx164 KLesson12 Database Security.pptx117 KPubs.sql37 K
HW02.docx13 KLesson07 T-SQL Programming.pptx90 Klesson13 Backing Up and Restoring Databases.pptx1,007 Kquiz01.pdf15 K
Lesson01Relational Data Retrieval SQL.pptx968 KLesson08 Implementing Stored Procedures.pptx165 KLesson14 Transaction Management - Concurrency Control.pptx126 Kquiz02.pdf133 K
Lesson02 Advanced SQL - Join.pptx193 K